Huzzah! Its all coming together

Its Tuesday morning at 10am, Im running on about 4 hours of sleep (This is J), several (lots of) coke zeros and sheer excitement.

Its almost unbelievable its all finally coming together after so much wishing and hoping and dreaming and planning!, and let me tell you – it is already looking AWESOME !

We had an incredible team of friends who showed up and helped us move everything in and I am so truly grateful ( and lets be honest, super touched) for everyones support – we couldn’t have done it without you x

Of course theres so much more to do but I couldn’t help to put up a  few photos taken throughout the day and night, there was a video of crazy dancing but that mysteriously has been deleted from my phone, so strange!….


G snuck outside to take this pic of J and Mr JTM spot painting

Moving in

Mrs Fox hanging out as we move all our furniture goodies in, she was frightened of a passing tram so was later relocated

Late night painting

J is painting the skirtings (in the corner) Her brother Mr JTM painting around the hard to reach nails.

Late night painting2

Mr JTM and G getting the painters tape LEVEL (using an iPhone app) – no mean feat (this literally took half an hour to get it perfect)

Late night painting3

Mr JTM expresses his feelings about painting at 2am


We’ve accumulated a mix of fun goodies that we thought would be fun to draw and have hanging around the place – The yellow hello is from a beautiful well wisher and goes perfectly!

Moving in

Completely organised chaos

Moving in

a sneaky pic of G pulling things out of storage boxes

Moving in

The shopfront as it was when we moved in -Our new friend Dallas’s beautiful homewares shop moved to Trentham which is sad because her shop was beautiful but also not so sad as we get to take over the lease


getting ready to blog from inside the shop!

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