This is J – its late Thursday Night – all of our painting is finally finished and we are starting to look the way we imagined when we first dreamed up Art Soup! Huzzah!


Earlier this evening the position of the cupboards sparked intense debate, with poor Mr JTM moving said cupboards about 17 different times around the studio with passersby chiming in with their two cents!


JTM closing his eyes as he imagines the cupboard placement

What we are loving about our part of Malvern road is how many people have popped in to say hello or waved hello through the window as we’ve been painting/organising/climbing up ladders/ dancing – theres a really lovely community feel here and we have felt really embraced by you all.

A daylight view of the street from my desk

A daylight view of the street from my desk

Theres still a number of things left to do to get ready but My Goodness! It already looks better than I dared dream!

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