Come for the free FACEPAINTING, free ARTMAKING and free SCIENCE experiments! Stay for the endless possibilities art creates!

Here are some of the things other crazy fun things happening ;

MAKE A BADGE FOR FREE! Try your hand at designing and making your own badge!


Heres one I prepared earlier!… Some of the many circle cutouts J slaved over getting ready for the open day

DRY ICE DRAMATICS J notoriously loves to imagine she’s a mad scientist, check out the video below for one of the awesome experiments we’ll be trying out

MAKE YOUR MARK come in and paint a brushstroke on our communal canvas


This is what we’re looking for… (Jackson Pollock, Blue Poles)

Believe me when I tell you  – theres much more! We are so excited to share the day with you and cant wait to see your faces x  Don’t miss out on the awesome offers we have in house only for the opening and come on over!  See you soon! G & J

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