About Us

We are J and G, a mother/daughter team with a combined 40 years of art teaching experience.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 1.24.02 pmAbout J: Since J can remember G has been constantly covered in paint, one of J’s first memories is G teaching her how to paint a flower she found earlier that day in the garden, and ever since then J has loved all things art related. J kept up an evolving art practice from that time forward and as a result went on to study art history in the UK, and (after a spell of living in Hong Kong -J speaks Cantonese!) J landed a job teaching and programming art within the museum and gallery sector, teaching students of all ages about all sorts of art. J’s Museum job took her all over the world where she lectured in Universities, at the Tate and also at the Australian Museum. J realised she loved teaching art most of all and taking a big risk, left museums to teach an undergraduate course in Art and Design Theory. J however, wanted to do more than teach university students, she wanted to share her love of art with Kids!, Adults! Anyone! Everyone! – this is where G comes in.

About G: G has had many artistic incarnations, painter, decorator, mural artist, wedding designer, fine artist, teacher. Her works are displayed in New Zealand, The UK and more recently Australia. Where J is focused primarily on Old Masters, G loves Contemporary Art (with a dash of Dutch Golden Age thrown into the mix!) and is regularly found up to her elbows in some sort of paint/clay/paper mache/foam project creating something new and wonderful. Over the years G has accumulated a room of supplies – draws of glitters and gold leaf, cabinets of paints and exotic papers, all of which is regularly pilfered by family and friends. G knew J wanted to start something magical and needed help to do it, so armed with supplies she moved here to Melbourne, leaving her husband K and chihuahua Coco to fend for themselves until they move here too!

Both J and G are so excited to finally realise their dream of opening a studio together, they want to share their love of all things art and have grand plans in store for the future of ART SOUP and most importantly, they hope you become part of the ART SOUP story too!