Medical Management Policy – Information for Parents.

Parent’s responsibilities:

• Upon enrolment, it is the child’s parents or nominated guardian’s responsibility to ensure that children who attend the service with a medical condition fully disclose this information at time of booking.

• Every time your child attends a class, remember to bring your action plan and medication and hand them in to the appropriate staff so that it can be stored in the relevant medications tub. Please note that ALL medication, including Asthma inhalers, MUST NOT be left in your child’s bag.

• It is your responsibility to ensure that the medication is within expiry date and that the action is plan is within 12 months old.

Our Responsibilities

• Ensure at least one staff member is on duty at all times who has completed Level 2 First Aid, Emergency Asthma Management training and Emergency Anaphylaxis Management training.

• Ensure parents and carers of all children with Asthma/Diabetes/Allergy/Anaphylaxis provide medication at all times their child is attending the service.

• Ensure that all staff are aware of Asthma/Diabetes/Allergy/Anaphylaxis first aid procedures.

• Ensure adequate provision and maintenance of first aid kits.

• Promptly communicate with parents and carers any concerns regarding the management of children with Asthma/Diabetes/Allergy/Anaphylaxis attending the service.

• Identify and minimise, where possible, Asthma/Diabetes/Allergy/Anaphylaxis triggers for children attending the service.

• Ensure that children with Asthma/Diabetes/Allergy/Anaphylaxis are not discriminated against in any way.

• Ensure that children with Asthma/Diabetes/Allergy/Anaphylaxis can participate in all activities safely and to their fullest abilities.

In the event that a medical condition is observed:   

• The teacher on duty is to follow the child’s individual medical management plan.

• Parents will be contacted and notified of the incident.

• An incident report will be written.

• If symptoms accelerate or become life threatening, an ambulance will be called. We will continue to provide first aid while waiting for the ambulance. We will contact parents again to notify them of the change to the child’s condition and that an ambulance has been called.

If you require any clarification of this policy, or would like to discuss your child’s medical management plan please call 0423417170 or send an email to